2400 people, 20 countries, 30 sites


At DIAM, our people are the driving force behind the company.

Agile and reactive, close to our customers, multicultural and sharing common values, combining expertise, excellence, commitment, and innovation.

Our core expertise: Merchandising, Displays and Shopfitting solutions:
– everywhere in the world, with local presence and global benefits.
– to multiple brands in the luxury, beauty, fashion and jewellery industries.
– from A to Z – a full service, end to end offer.

We are committed to delivering the best quality to our clients, whilst maintaining clear ethical values together with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Our History

DIAM was founded in France in 1973 by Mr Yvon Poullain, with its core business being the injection moulding of innovative plastic products. Later becoming a leader in the POS sector as a privileged partner of many of the major international beauty brands in France and in the UK, for both Mass market and Luxury cosmetics, particularly for general tester stands and cosmetic walls.

The group then expanded its activities to include all types of market leading cutting-edge merchandising solutions for multiple beauty and luxury customers, whilst following client geographic and market expansion as partners. After further acquisitions and growth in Europe along with logistics and installation activities, the group began to expand considerably, from 2008 onwards, notably by building strong foundations in the Americas and across Asia.

The DIAM group then continued its geographical expansion over 5 continents to better serve international customers with local bases. DIAM then expanded its service offer, developing skills ranging from design to store maintenance, in order to meet the full spectrum of in store needs for brands and retailers worldwide, including their digital requirements.

DIAM Group

Today, DIAM is a world leader in the POS, display, merchandising and brand retail services sectors, thanks to the trust of our clients. While developing geographical presence and an extended portfolio in Merchandising and Shopfitting, we have also developed different brands to reflect different complementary capabilities (DIAM, Fieldflex, Prugent, CONEX, Retail3d, DIAM Pack). While we grow, we aim at always remaining agile with small entities locally, as well as dedicated teams by client.

Project Management & Production: DIAM
Retail consulting: Retail3d
Shop fitting & furniture: Prugent
Installation & in-store services: Fieldflex
Digital solutions: Conex
Packaging solutions, colour tester caps and factices: DIAM Pack

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In a globalised and digitalised retail world that is undergoing continuous and radical change, the beauty and luxury merchandising industries are evolving rapidly and require considerable agility to serve brands that must innovate quickly and on an ongoing basis, with a keen sense of quality and commitment.

To support all these transformations, DIAM builds think tanks that are aware of emerging trends and anticipates upcoming changes by placing innovation at the heart of its strategy.

Innovation affects our solutions and services and is reflected in many internal and external initiatives that are integrated into our management system.

DIAM is convinced that innovation is above all collaborative and that talents can emerge from all sides. It therefore participates in Open Innovation programs and leverages its talents by encouraging risk-taking and internal entrepreneurship through organising many ambitious programs.

Meet some of our people

Our people are our biggest asset. We are proud to be a diverse community with many different talents – engineers, sales people, computer scientists, creatives, marketeers, craftsmen and machine operators…

We all share a desire to be the best at what we do, and to contribute to our clients’ success.