Prugent DIAM Europe school in Lannemezan – excellence and know-how heritage

On December 9th, 2019, Prugent DIAM Europe launches its cabinetmaking training program.

Established in the Occitania region, the company is committed to transmitting and perpetuating its traditional know-how by developing employment while allowing the people to discover an exciting job, through a local and open to all training program.

Cabinet makers’ craft has evolved over time. New techniques have been developed, and new materials and tools are used today. In our case, the training program is dedicated to Prugent DIAM Europe specific cabinetmaking: students practice on typical retail furniture, learn to work with usual materials, and are fully integrated into the realization of clients’ projects. At the end of the course, they are awarded a professional title of Joiner & Cabinet Maker.

Supported by the region and developed in partnership with the Hautes Pyrénées school, the training takes place alternately: the theoretical part and the practical exercise are managed within the school located in Tarbes and the immersion and transmission of unique know-how at Prugent DIAM Europe in Lannemezan.

The cabinet makers of Prugent DIAM Europe tell us more about their profession, here is their testimony:

Thank you to the Occitania region, to the Hautes Pyrénées school, to Pôle Emploi, to the teams for taking up the challenge of this ambitious project, which allows us to be useful and to meet talents from various horizons.


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